Monday, February 27, 2012

Heroic Kisio Munyao

Independence Hero

The late Kisio Munyao braved sub-zero temperatures to hoist the independent Kenya’s flag at the highest peak of Mt. Kenya.
Munyao was a mountaineer who took the opportunity to plant the flag on Batian peak on the midnight of 12th December 1963 and made history. The sad thing was how the hero spent the last days of his life, a poor and depressed man. His impoverished condition even became a topic of discussion in the National Assembly and negligence was blamed on part of the government.

The resilient Munyao was among the heroes Kenyans celebrated in the recent National celebrations in which he ensured he attended. He died aged 73 at the Kenyatta National Hospital after a long illness. Munyao will always be remembered for his contribution to liberation of Kenya and his patriotic act of 12th December 1963.

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