Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prof. Ali Al’amin Mazrui

Dr. Mazrui 1998

Born in the 1933 in Mombasa and graduated from Manchester University with Distinction, he is arguably Kenya’s most feted scholar and historian. As the Kenyan Coast celebrates one of its great, the rest of the nation observes his immense contribution to education and political science.
After acquiring his doctorate at Oxford University, he came back to Africa and joined the prestigious Makerere University, where he became Dean of Social Science and head of Political Science Department. His main interests striking from his works are international political culture, African politics, and Islamic politics.
He is an Albert Schweitzer professor in Humanities and the Director of Institute of Global cultural studies (IGCS) at Binghamton University, New York.   He holds many other titles such as being Albert Luthuli Professor-at-large at University of Jos in Nigeria and Senior Scholar in Africana Studies, Cornell University, New York.
He has authored and co-authored about thirty books. Some of the notable ones include The Africans:  A Triple Heritage, The African Condition, The Trial of Christopher Okigbo (1971), Africa’s Intentional Relations among others. He is also known for his great lectures and articles with deep basis on democracy and which have been published in leading journals and magazines such as the Time magazine.
He has also served for 6 years as the Chancellor of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

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