Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frank Odoi ‘Fran’

Born in Ghana and later settled in Kenya in the 70’s, he was one of Africa’s leading comic artists. He shares in the honour of fellow renowned cartoonist such as Paul Kalemba (MADDO), Godfrey Mwampebwa (GADO), and James Kamawira (KHAM). He became popular because of Akokhan, the comic strip that is published every Saturday.
Image source: Bunimedia.com

 “Where grass has grown, grass will grow”
A phrase repeated in the Akokhan story
Frank’s work consisted of political satire, fantasy comics, caricatures, civil education illustrations, and children’s comics. His work was widely published in numerous newspapers in East Africa and beyond such as the Daily Nation, East African Standard (Kenya), Kenya Times, Vision (Uganda) Ugandan Monitor, Daily Graphic (Ghana), Noticias (Mozambique), Helsingen Sonamat (Finland),and Dejembe Dapanda (Denmark) . He was also featured on BBC Radio and BBC Focus on Africa magazine.
Other notable works to his name include:
The “Golgoti: The development of underdevelopment” series that was published in newspapers in Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania (1995).
“I will be back shortly” (2001)
“Laban”, a comic on Samburu warrior with HIV who has Faith on getting involved with a girl who moves to town.
“I see everything”
“Akokhan, More Than a Comic Story”, another book he authored.
In 1991, he met with Leif Packalen in Nairobi, a member of the World Comics Finland. In 1998, he co-authored “Comics with an Attitude,” a book published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Grab a copy of the book Here "Comics with an Attitude"
He was the chairperson of KATUNI, the Kenya Association of Cartoonists and director of Four Dimension Innovative and Buni Ltd. Frank has been voted Kenya’s Cartoonist of the year in 1985, 1986 and 2004. He was also awarded The Witty Pen Award from the Arctic Comics Society in Finland. He also had a “Best Cartoonist Award” from former President Moi.
He passed away aged 64 in a road accident on Jogoo Road yesterday.

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