Wednesday, August 29, 2012 to benefit investors at the NSE

South African-based El Escrow Research and Analytics Limited (ERA) has unveiled a unique local research unit that will package and sell Kenya’s historical economic data. will offer policymakers, managers, securities and economic analysts access to a structured historical database of all listed companies in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) and key indicators such as inflation trends, share prices, treasury bill rates among other compiled datasets from a decade ago.   

According to the Erafinancials website, the platform combines modern mathematical financial techniques, advanced technology and applies time series techniques to manage data trend analysis, regression and correlation leading to forecasting of various indicators and variables.  

The service will benefit investors who currently suffer from the scanty data available locally and have to rely on the likes of Bloomberg and Reuters for their vast datasets on various global companies.
It took the firm 18 months and expenditure of up to Sh20 million to compile the database, which can be accessed from as lows as $5 (Sh420), for a one-off viewing up to an annual charge of $500 (Sh42,000) for the entire product.  
El Escrow also plans to expand to neighboring Uganda and Tanzania. 

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