Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kenya’ s Hass Petroleum to supply diesel in Rwanda

Kenya’s Hass Petroleum Ltd has won a one-year tender to supply diesel to Rwanda government’s thermal power plants.
The firm was awarded a Rwf18.5 billion contract to supply 48 million litres of diesel in three of Rwanda’s power plants, Jabana, Bugunga (yet to be commissioned) and Gikondo.
Local firm, Society Petroleum Rwanda lost to the Kenyan company, a demonstration of the high level of transparency in Rwanda’s procurement process and fair playing ground for foreign and local businesses.
An official in the Ministry of Energy said that Hass was awarded the tender due to its competitive price, capacity to sustain supply and its large fuel depot at Dar es Salaam (Rwanda’s major fuel supply route).
Hass is planning to counter the competitive market in the region dominated by Kobil and Engen by increasing pump stations from 3 to 10 in the near future.
The firm is also searching for land to build a larger fuel depot to meet demand in Rwanda and neighboring Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.    
Hass is also doing well in Uganda with a large retail network with 20 pump stations to bring the total regional network to more than 60 stations.  
Apart from Uganda, the firm has operations in Dar es Salaam owing an oil depot with a capacity of 40 million litres.

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