Friday, September 7, 2012

Geothermal Menengai Half-Marathom slated for November

The inaugural Geothermal Menengai Half-Marathon will take place on Sunday, November  11th 2012 in Nakuru County.
The event, which is expected to attract over 5,000 participants, was unveiled on Wednesday by the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) in a Nakuru Hotel.
Speaking at the launch, which was also attended by Athletics Kenya (AK) vice-chairman Jackson Tuwei, GDC’s General Manager Dr. Peter Omenda said that half marathon will be an annual event aimed at identifying and helping local talents break into the international limelight.
The Half-Marathon will start at Maji Matamu Academy in Nakuru’s Bahati area and finish at St Joseph Kirima Secondary School along the slopes of the Menengai Mountain.
Apart from the Half-Marathon, there will be a 10km race, a School race, and a 5km family fun-race.        
The annual Geothermal Menegai Half-Marathon will be a perfect addition to Athletics Kenya Calendar as most of the athletes hail from the Rift Valley.
Registration kicks off immediately.  

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