Friday, September 21, 2012

Justice Koome, Maraga and Rawal found suitable

Vetting of Judges and Magistrates board led by Chairman Sharad Rao delivered their verdict on three Court of Appeal judges Martha Koome, David Maraga and Kalpana Rawal, Wednesday morning at Anniversary Towers.  
The board determined that Lady Justice Martha Koome, Justice David Maraga and Lady Justice Kalpana Rawal are suitable to continue serving in the judiciary.
The verdict on the three was delayed for over a month to allow them complete the next general election date case.
The board also determined that Justice Mohammed Ibrahim of the Supreme Court would continue to serve in the judiciary, while Appellate judge Roselyn Nambuye would be re-interviewed.  
The board upheld decision that Justice Jeanne Gacheche was unsuitable to continue serving in the judiciary while it found High Court judge Joyce Khaminwa also unfit.
Justice Martha Koome was the first to undergo the public vetting exercise after her request. Her main obstacle was a complaint made by Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia over the way she handled a land dispute involving his wife.  
Koome was appointed judge in 2003 after 15 successive years of private practice where she was a notable defender for human rights.
The judges who had earlier faced the axe include appellate judges Omollo Riaga, Samuel Bosire, Joseph Nyamu, Roselyn Nambuye, Jeanne Wanjiku Gacheche, Emmanuel O’Kubasu and Mohammed Ibrahim of the Supreme Court.
The vetting is among the various measures undertaken by the Judiciary to ensure public confidence in the body.

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