Monday, September 10, 2012

Veteran Comedian: RIP Mzee Pembe

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Veteran comedian Mzee Pembe who died in Nairobi on Sunday brought laughter to thousands of radio and TV audiences during his hey days.

His son, Mr Sudi Omari, said Mzee Pembe, whose real name was Omari Suleiman Mwajambia, died at his sister’s home in South B.

“He had in the recent past been complaining of chest pains though he appeared still determined to carry on with his favourite art comedy,” Mr Sudi said.

Mzee Pembe, who was 93, was the last of the generation of TV comedians of the legendary “Aspro Show” of the 1960s on KBC TV (then Voice of Kenya).

Mzee Pembe also featured on Jamii ya Mzee Pembe and Kivunja Mbavu programmes where he featured alongside Kipanga Athumani, Mama Tofi, Mzee Tamaa and Mama Njeri, who have all died.

Mr Sudi said that his father, who had retired from TV comedy, had written comedy books now used as primary school set books like Pwagu na Pwaguzi.

Lately, he was also a participant in radio talk shows on Iqra FM.

Mzee Pembe was buried at Kariokor Muslim Cemetery, Nairobi, on Sunday.

Source: Daily Nation

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