Saturday, November 24, 2012

Julie Gichuru’s MIMI Online Fashion Shop Unveiled

‘Classic, Sophisticated, and Trendy Fashion For You’

Sunday Live host, Mrs. Julie Gichuru and her husband Anthony Gichuru have launched an online fashion store.

Dubbed Mimi, the venture appears to leverage on arguably the face of Kenyan television wardrobe, admired by her show’s large audience.  

The clothing line business runs the following categories in its stock Classics, Sophisticated, Trendy, Maternity, Men, Shoes wear, Plus Size, and New Arrivals.

Explaining the online venture, she said, “The high cost of rental properties in Kenya means that customers would have to pay much more for their merchandise. The business plan was hence centered around the growing culture of online trade and commerce that is already fast developing. Additionally, going online offers increased accessibility to markets than a shop in a mall.


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