Saturday, April 20, 2013

Camp Mulla Set for Solo Careers

Award-winning hip hop group Camp Mulla is set to launch solo music careers. 

Speaking to The Star's 'Word Is', Shappa Man, said in about two months, the group will be launching solo singles, throwing speculation of whether the group is headed for disintegration.

"There is a time at some point as a group when you feel the push to establish your individual members to the fans, and this is what we are trying to do. This may be the start of a journey to our individual solo careers but not yet. We need some more time together but if we have to go solo, then we will have not much to do but to split. We will still be releasing more songs as a group, but we will at the same time be chucking out our solo projects. We are launching our solos this June."

The group, managed under the Sub-Sahara Limited record Label comprises of Benoit Kanema 'Shappa Man', Marcus Kibuksoya aka K'Cous, Mathew Wakhungu 'Taio Tripper', Karun Mungai 'Miss Karun' and Michael Mutooni 'Tuchi'.

 Recently, the group was working on a collaboration with Ghana's Hip hop artiste M.anifest.

Adapted from Word Is

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