Friday, April 13, 2012

E-Sir Issah Mmari

Speak of the illest rapper to ever come from East Africa; E-sir was indeed the best at what he did. Born on 28 May 1981, California Estate and brought up in South C Estate, Nairobi County. His style of rap and lyrical Swahili style reached out the youth and even the young-at-heart. Simply, E-Sir was Hip-hop at its best.

He attended Brook-House Senior School where his music career nurtured in form of love for poetry. After leaving high school, he went along to pursue his music career and in 1999, the Ogopa DJs label signed him. His debut single ‘Jo’ that featured the established Big Pin and in no time got heads turning in the industry, giving him a platform in the music scene. He featured with and a good friend to David Mathenge aka Nameless, Brenda and Habib his young brother who is still in the industry.
‘Nimefika’ album was his best with popular tracks that remained in Kenya airwaves and chats for months and to-date. They include smash hits, ‘Moss Moss’, ‘Boomba Train’, ‘Leo ni Leo’, ‘Hamunitishi’, ‘Saree’, ‘Kamata’, ‘Mabeste’ and ‘Maisha’ which was produced posthumously.
“Jasho yatiririka,
Moyo wapiga,
Kila mtu,

Hajui vile ya kusema,
Mahewa tunapewa,
Moss moss,
Moss moss(pole pole) moss moss
(twazienda) moss moss,
Haraka haraka haina Baraka”
Chorus from ‘Moss Moss’ Album: Nimefika by E-Sir and Brenda
Awards to his music career:
Kisima Awards – 4 Awards (2003)
Chaguo la Teenies Awards (2003)
He passed away on 16th March 2003 on his way home after a performance in Nakuru.
“Na singependa kufa bila nyinyi kujua
Mimi si mimi bila nyinyi”
From ‘Hamunitishi’
10 years on R.I.P

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  1. Chema hakidumu.japo nilikuwa mchache wa umri wakati huo,nyimbo zake bado nilizienzi mno.Mungu na akurehemu vyema na kwema


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