Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grenade attack in Mombasa Mishomoroni

Late Sunday evening, there was a reported grenade attack at a bar in Mishomoroni area, Kisauni 10kms from Mombasa city. one person is feared dead and several injured in the late evening attack. Emergency services and the police are at the scene.
The attack comes a day after the United States issued a travel advisory to its citizens against travelling to Mombasa following intelligence reports of an impending terror threat in the tourist hub. They suspended their government travel to Mombasa until July 1, 2012.

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  1. All kenyans have a responsibility of protecting themselves and whoever is around them. We are a patient people and when pushed to far, things may not be good. The intelligence need to pull up their socks on security matters, especially now that there is a great threat of such attacks in our country.

    Secondly can all Kenyans be obedient to government warnings always!

    This is what the Kenyans are paying for being a corrupt nation, these foreigners have come, hosted here, used money to by our national identity cards, favoured by some government officials and now who suffers, the poor, unprotected ordinary citizen who is an economic generator in Kenya.

    PLEASE CAN BE SECURITY HERE BE BOOSTED? stop pointing fingures at the US but instead go by their warning and do something to protect our people, land and property.



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