Friday, June 15, 2012

Kenya Profile

BBC News has marked the chronology events in the Kenyan history starting with when 600 Arabs arrived at the coast until to the recent Al-Shabab militia attack in the Nairobi capital in May. The profile is backed by brief insightful statements of important days in the country’s history.
A flash insight into the profile that is categorized into Early Kenya, Mau Mau, Independence, Moi Era, Multi-party, Embassy Bomb, Kibaki Era, Constitution and Somali campaign:
1920 – East African Protectorate becomes colony of Kenya.
1963 – Kenya gains independence, with Kenyatta as the prime minister.
1966 – Jaramogi Odinga leaves KANU and forms Kenya People’s Union (KPU).
1978 – Daniel arap Moi succeeds Kenyatta after his death in office.
1991 – Multiparty party is introduced after a long struggle
1998 – The US Embassy is bombed claiming 224 lives and scores injured
2002 – Mwai Kibaki gets a landslide win to become the third president of the nation
2007 – The disputed presidential elections claims over 1,500 lives
2010 – The new constitution wins the referendum
For the entire profile visit BBC News website 

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