Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kenya to Export Titanium by September 2013

'Titanium exportation to earn Kenya 28 Billion-shillings annually'  
Construction undergoing in Msambweni District, Kwale County

After 15 years of exploration of titanium, Kenya is ready for the mining and exportation of titanium.
According to Base Titanium Limited (a subsidiary of Australian Stock Exchange-listed Base Resources Limited), the company mining titanium in Kwale County, Kenya is set to commence the mining and export of titanium minerals from September 2013.

Kwale is currently enjoying the benefit of the prestigious mineral with the construction of infrastructure for Kenya's largest mining project underway in the coastal county. The initial construction phase of the titanium  mining project has seen over 1000 people employed while 300 direct jobs are expected to be created.

Officials from the company have called the exploits, globally significant and that Kenya will be producing 14 percent of the world rutile titanium when the company turns to full production. The company has so far raised about 30 billion shillings to undertake the development of the Kwale mineral sands project it took over from Tiomin Resources of Canada.

A power line from Galu to the mining site in Maumba, Msambweni District is already done and construction of the Mukurumudzi dam as the primary water source for the project is halfway. The company is also planning to construct a jetty next to the port of Mombasa from where the minerals will be exported.

The contribution from titanium is expected to earn Kenya 28 billion-shilling per year, making it the country's fourth largest export earner.

Currently, Russia accounts for about 60 percent of world production of titanium.

Commercial use of titanium
Physical properties of toughness, durability, low density, corrosive resistance, seawater resistance and biological compatibility makes titanium commercially useful. In its wide application it is used in the automobile and aerospace industry, building and construction industry, making of prosthetics, off shore drilling and manufacture of sporting equipment.

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