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2013 Taste Award Winners Announced

Ole Polos team receive the Classic 105 Award for Best Nyama Choma
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Winners of the Second edition of the Taste Bar & Restaurant Awards were announced on Thursday, January 31st at Nairobi’s Karura Forest.

Here are the winners:

Excellence Awards


Formal Dining

1. Seven Seafood & Grill

2. Pango, Fairview

3. Tamarind Nairobi

4. Bamboo, at Zen Gardens

5. Thai Chi, The Sarova Stanley

6. Tatu, Fairmont Norfolk

7. Jiko, Tribe

Casual Dining

8. Talisman

9. Artcaffe

10. Haandi

11. Le Rustique

12. Onami

13. Furusato


Boutique Bars

1. Brew Bistro

2. Mercury Lounge

3. Sierra Brasserie

4. Cin Cin, Fairmont Norfolk

5. Nest, Tribe

6. Sarabi Pool & Supper Club, Sankara Nairobi

7. The Champagne Bar, Sankara Nairobi

8. Fish Bowl, Seven

Night Out Bars

9. The Carnivore Restaurant

10. Gipsy

11. Que Pasa

12. Havana

13. K1 Klub House

Taste Recognition

Taste Lifetime Achievement: Eamun Mullan (Fairview Hotel)

EAGM Sustainable Champion: Brown’s Cheese

Prestige Awards

Heineken Award for Chef of the Year 2013

Winner: Marcus Mitchell (Talisman)

Runner-Up: Karan Suri (Fairmont)

Ciroc Award for Mixologist of the Year 2013

Tied Winners: Alex Kavita (Fairmont) and Emmanuel Baborit (Nest at Tribe Hotel)

Heineken Front of House Award (for Service Team) for Restaurant

Winner: Seven Sea Food and Disk

Heineken Front of House Award (for Service Team) for Bar

Winner: Champagne Bar at Sankara

EAT OUT Industry Champion Award

Winner: Kiran Jethwa (Seven Seafood and Grill)

People's Choice Awards 

UP Magazine Award For Best Italian

Winner: Mediteraneo

Runner Up: Osteria

UP Magazine Award for Best Continental

Winner: Brew Bistro

Runner Up : The Tamarind Nairobi

UP Magazine Award For Best BBQ or Grill

Winner: Fogo Gaucho

Runner Up: The Carnivore Restaurant

UP Magazine Award For East African

Winner: The Carnivore Restaurant

Runner Up : Ranalo’s Kosewe

Asian Weekly Award For Best Indian

Winner: Haandi

Runner Up : Open House

Asian Weekly Award For Best Japanese

Winner: Onami

Runner Up : Furusato

Asian Weekly Award For Best Chinese

Winner: China Plate

Runner Up : Mr. Wok

Asian Weekly Award For Best Asian – Fusion

Winner: Zen Gardens

Runner Up : Onami

Classic 105 Award For Best Nyama Choma

Winner: Ole Polos

Runner Up : Njugunas

Kiss 100 Award For Best Value For Money

Winner: Java

Runner Up : Artcaffe

Kiss 100 Award For Best Food-On-The-Go Outlet

Winner: Galito’s

Runner Up : Planet Yoghurt

X FM Award or Best Cafe or Coffee House
Tied Winners: Art Caffe and Java House

Kenya Buzz Award For Best Date Night
Tied Winner: Jiko and Brew Bistro

Heineken® Award For Exceptional Achievement to Nairobi Nightlife

Winner: Brew Bistro

Tied Runner Up : Carnivore & Galileo’s

Heineken® For Best Concept Night

Winner: K1 Jazz Night

Runner Up : Galileo

Mara Wines Award for Best Wine List

Winner: WWW Shop and Bar

Runner Up : The Gallery at Sankara

Ciroc Award For Cocktail Bar

Winner: Mercury

Runner Up : Brew Bistro

Heineken® Award For Best Bar or Club at the Coast

Winner: Forty Thieves

Runner Up : Il Covo

Airkenya Award For Best Restaurant at the Coast

Winner: The Tamarind Mombasa

Runner Up : Moorings

Heineken® Award For Best Service (Restaurant or Bar)

Winner: ArtCaffe

Runner Up : Java

The winners were selected by a panel of food connoisseurs, chefs and beverage specialists including Barry Tonks (Michelin starred Executive Chef, Hemingways Nairobi), Caroline Mutoko of Kiss 100, Patrick Mwangi (Trade Marketing Manager, Heineken), Isis Nyong'o of InMobi and Media personality Chris Foot.


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