Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Make Online Payments with M-Pesa in Kenya & Tanzania

South Africa's PayGate, a payment processing solution has been launched. The new solution will allow consumers in Kenya and neighboring Tanzania to pay for online products and services via M-Pesa.

PayGate's marketing director, Robin Philip explains, “There is very little e-commerce activity in many African countries. But that’s not because people don’t want to be able to buy online – they just haven’t been given the right payment options.”

In a bid to facilitate increased e-commerce activity in East Africa, PayGate has opted for market leader M-Pesa. According to Phillip, “M-Pesa is already a mature product in Kenya and is taking off very fast in Tanzania.With our growing presence in the region, for us it has been a logical step to offer it as an e-commerce payment method. It’s a very appropriate solution for local conditions.”

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  1. I have a friend using it , it can also process visa, mastercard.. its good to give a try ..


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