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Pan-African security company launches in EA mining sector

Press Release
Pan-African security company launches in EA mining sector

28th March 2013: Sub-Saharan African security company Warrior Security Limited is today launching tailored mining security services in East Africa, as finds in oil, gas, niobium, rare earths and gold in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania expose companies to increasing risks from intruders.

“Most mining sites are in remote areas making them vulnerable to attacks by intruders,” said Maj. Tony Sugden, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Warrior Security Limited.

“Warrior Security specializes in providing integrated risk solutions in such areas, with our professionals having extensive experience in dangerous and often chaotic environments, coupled with intimate knowledge of the culture and region," he said.

The company's core team combines over 60 years of experience in the British army, as well as 35 years experience working in Africa.

Mining companies in Africa have experienced increased cases of perimeter intrusion, employee attacks, illegal mining and asset theft in recent years, driven by a surge in organised crime that has seen skillful criminals access valuable minerals, sell them to the black market, and evade capture.

Warrior reduces client’s exposure by designing and implementing a security system tailored to each mining project, leaving the client free to concentrate core activities.

“By combining perimeter control, video surveillance, communication, location and tracking solutions, intelligence gathering analysis and dissemination, as well as body guards, we develop a secure system tailored to the needs of that particular site,” said Maj. Sugden, a former member of the British army with over 10 years experience in commercial security throughout East and Central Africa, having directed operations encompassing over 5000 people.

In 2012, African Barrick Gold, a gold mining company based Tanzania, lost 5 employees after an attack by over 1,500 intruders, while Shell Nigeria considered closing down its 150,000 barrels a day facilities after a series of raids on its Nembe Creek pipelines. The facility accounts for 56 miles of the 3,720 miles of pipelines that Shell operates in the country, according to a report by Reuters. Closing it would have cut off of crude supplies worth an estimated $15 million a day.

In South Africa, one study last year found a total of 6,045 asset thefts between January 2006 and December 2010 at one unnamed mine, with the items stolen including tools, equipment, personal belongings and vehicles, as well as copper cable, indicating that all items at a mining site are at risk.

“The increasing number of thefts, as well as violent attacks, at mining sites require companies to implement a comprehensive security plan that covers the mining site, transport and employees," said Maj. Sugden.

Currently the largest security company in oil rich South Sudan, with over 1000 guards in 12 areas, Warrior Security specializes in post conflict areas as well as the oil and mineral rich regions of South Sudan, Congo, Zambia, Tanzania having protected UN organisations, embassies, NGOs, corporate businesses and individuals.

“We have been protecting Tanga Cement Company, part of Simba Cement, in Tanzania for the last 3 years. We have approximately 100 guards, including dog handlers, armed guards, a mobile response team, and a fire crew," said Mike Liddicoat Warrior Security Group Training & Development Manager, a British Army veteran with 30 years industry experience.

“Our greatest asset lies in our extensive training programme, which gives Warrior the ability to analyse, assess and report on situations in more detail and in a more timely manner than many larger, strategic oriented organisations,” he said.

Mr. Liddicoat has over the years developed 220 different training courses, delivered in 17 locations globally for the Royal Artillery Training Development Team. He has driven the investment by Warrior in the selection, vetting, training and education of its recruits, and works extremely closely with civilian authorities to ensure the company develops only the best people.

“Warrior Security brings to the industry a guarantee of quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, having already been independently certified in South Sudan, with Tanzania and DRC later this year, where procedures are already in place,” said Maj. Sugden.

Warrior Security Ltd. provides integrated risk solutions tailored to suit the client’s attitude to risk and budget. The company currently operates mainly in East Africa but have the capability to project quality security solutions anywhere in the world.

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