Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Training Program 13 - 14 May 2013

Palladium Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Training Program- a new flexible training option for strategy management professionals in Nairobi.

Are you responsible for strategy management within your organization? Join Palladium to understand how the Balanced Scorecard framework can impact your business.

Created by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the Balanced Scorecard strategy management framework is a mulch-dimensional approach to measure performance that incorporates both financial and non-financial factors. The framework has been adopted by thousands of strategy management practitioners around the globe.

Palladium training equips you with a thorough understanding of the Balanced Scorecard management system and is the only training that is personally designed and endorsed by Drs. Kaplan and Norton.

Are you a strategy manager looking to-
→ Gain a thorough understanding of the BSC framework?
→ Learn from a wealth of global public and private sector experience?
→ Understand how to align your organization to the strategy?
→ Join the world’s largest network of strategy managers?

The Balanced Scorecard training you need:
Following increased demand for our BSC training, Palladium has launched a brand new flexible training option for 2013. The modular format will allow delegates maximum flexibility as they progress through the program.

Module 1- Developing and Mapping Strategy; 13-14 May 2013

•An overview of Strategy Execution Leadership- how to manage strategic change, define the strategic change, and align the executive team with the process.
•Exploration of the key steps in Developing Strategy- how to define the value gap, conduct strategy analysis and formulate strategy.
•Mapping Strategy- how to design a strategy map, design a scorecard, identify measures, targets, and initiatives, authorize and protect strategic funding, and assign accountability.

Module 2- Cascading and Aligning Strategy for Operational Excellence, 15-16 May 2013

•Align the Organization to the strategy- how to achieve alignment, communicate the BSC across the organization, cascade your scorecard and align rewards and incentive compensation to the BSC.
•Learn how to Plan Operations- how to operationalize your strategy, setting priorities and integrating financial and resource capacity planning and allowing for intangible assets.
• Monitor & Learn, Test & Adapt- how to conduct Strategy Review meetings, set up your Office of Strategy Management, understand how to test your strategy and adapt it moving forward.
Here’s what two recent delegates said after attending previous Palladium Balanced Scorecard Training seminars:

“A 'must attend’ program for every strategy management officer”, Bulus Z Musa, CBN

“An eye opener to best practice in strategy execution”, Simon Nantamu, Kampala Capital City Authority

Organized by Palladium Executing Strategy in affiliation with Strategic Learning Centre International
To register contact Peter Kahihu at SLC International.

Contact: Peter Kahihu
Tel: +254 20 249 4970
Mobile: +254 (0)724 942 587
Fees: USD2,095

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