Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baker Stove: A Cook Stove that will change the Developing World

Majority of women in the developing world prepare food and purify water on a traditional technology called a three-stone fire. It is basically three rocks that support a pot with an open fire in the middle. This cooking style has been proven to be inefficient and leads to many environmental and health problems.

That is why Top Third Ventures Ltd, a company registered in Kenya has come up with Baker Stove, a solution to replace the three-stone fire. The 100% locally manufactured stove is thermal efficient allowing women to cook with only a third of the wood they used to use and in much less time.
Through the Baker Stove Campaign, Top Third Ventures seeks to raise funds to further its dream of providing women in developing countries with an energy efficient cook stove solution to the three-stone fire problem.

Your contribution to this campaign will catalyze this social impact venture, enabling the widespread production of Baker Stoves to improve the lives of millions of women, reduce deforestation, boost the local economies, and combat climate change.

To get more details on the stove and how you can contribute visit

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