Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Try Out This New Service

Chura is a Swahili word for a frog. This service allows users to access,convert and share their airtime across the different service providers in Kenya.I.e leaping from one network to another just as a frog does.

For example you can exchange airtime from one service provider to another,buy airtime across networks using any mobile money service,converting airtime to mobile money and sending of airtime to many phone numbers in same or different networks at once using bulk airtime service.

We offer several services which you can check out on in a nutshell the services are:

1) Buy airtime - which allows buying any form of airtime with any mobile
money, for example you can buy Orange Kenya airtime using Safaricom
Lipa-na-mpesa or Airtel money

2) Switch airtime - service where you can exchange airtime from one
service provider to another for example you can exchange Airtel Kenya
airtime for Safaricom airtime

3) Airtime for cash - for converting any airtime to mobile money. With
this service you can convert any form of airtime be it Safaricom,
Orange, Yu or Airtel to mobile money

4) Bulk airtime - for sending airtime to many phone numbers at once.This
service allows you to save many contacts and send airtime to them at
once regardless of the service provider.

The services are accessible at or via sms by sending the word "chura" to 0717-536-124.Try it out today !!

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