Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orange Internet Everywhere 42Mbps unveiled in Nairobi

Orange Kenya launched its new Internet Everywhere 42 Mbps modem on Wednesday, almost a year since it unveiled its 3G network.

Mikael Ghossein, CEO of Telkom Kenya said that the company had invested over Ksh 4.13 billion in rolling out their 3G services and was committed in providing the services to other parts of Kenya.

Orange users in Nairobi can now enjoy faster speeds with those from Malindi, Eldoret and Nakuru await Orange to roll out 3G services in the coming months.

The new Orange Internet Everywhere 42 Mbps modem will automatically connect to 21 Mbps speed while in a 3G-coverage area or switch to EDGE when a user moves out of 3G-coverage.

42Mbps is the maximum theoretical peak download speed achievable, while using the High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and Dual Cell Carrier technology.

The Orange internet Everywhere 42 Mbps modem will retail at Ksh 9,999 and Orange subscribers can purchase existing prepaid data bundles or the unlimited data packages to top up the modem.

According to the recent quarterly statics by CommunicationsCommission of Kenya, Telkom Kenya is the only operator that posted growth in the market share of 7.7 percent.

Telecom operators are seeking to cash in the increased internet penetration, which CCK reports to have increased from 28.7 per cent inthe previous quarter to 30 per cent

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