Thursday, August 30, 2012

Web Streaming: Presentations 2GO unveiled in Kenya

Kenyan IT firm, Technology Partners Ltd in partnership with Netherlands-based Learning Valley on Thursday morning launched a video streaming platform in Kenya at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi.  
The platform dubbed Presentations 2GO is expected to transform how content is created, shared, stored, and reviewed.
The software, which is targeted at Kenyan learning institutions and corporate organizations, comes with rich e-learning features that will for instance allow a lecturer to deliver the same presentation to many students enrolled in different universities as well as allow an organization to set up meetings with its members of staff in different places at a preferred time.
Speaking during the launch Michael Hegeman, Chief Executive Officer of Learning Valley said, “Presentation 2GO combines the capabilities of broadcast, streaming and cloud storage.”
Presentation 2GO has a web-streaming server, which integrates the content before storing in the cloud or any specified facility, in different formats that can be taken up on by consumers of the media on most-end-user devices like mobile phones and tablets.
It is also linked to popular social networks that include Facebook and Twitter, thus allowing for further discussions and easy sharing by students.
The software may come in hand for Political Parties in their rallies, with the internet-driven world having transformed how candidates interact with modern electorates.
Kenya becomes the first country in Africa to have the Presentation 2GO software. The software is popular in Europe with the likes of Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, and Turkey having embraced it.
Mobile operator Safaricom and Microsoft Corporation is in the process of working with Technologies Ltd in roll out of Presentations 2GO to the Kenyan education system.


  1. Surely the product should be adopted by all the government universities. It definitely would make work easir

  2. i agree with you robert, our varsities require this


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