Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guinness Football Challenge 3 is here

Presenter Maina Kageni with participants of Guinness Football Challenge Season 3
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The Guinness Football Challenge is back with the third season expected to be big, better and different from the previous one.
The Challenge, which gives Passionate fans an opportunity to showcase their football skills and vast knowledge in football, will see participants stand a chance of hitting the jackpot of $250,000 in this season’s competition.
As Guinness expands the competition to become more Pan African, season three will have 8 countries participating with Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania representing East Africa while West Africa will be represented by Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, Cote d’Iviore, and Senegal.
Those who will emerge winners from their respective countries will be flown to South Africa where they will be pitched against each other. 15 teams will then advance to the 2013 TV show where 5 will be from East Africa with the rest from West Africa.  Afterwards, 12 TV shows will be aired with 4 teams appearing in each show.  

The event schedule in Kenya
Recruitment exercise will kick off on 20th of October in Mombasa with that of Nairobi and Nakuru slated for November.
Winners from Kenya will be pitched against winners from Tanzania and Uganda to pick the 5 teams that will represent East Africa in South Africa.  
Participants like in earlier seasons are in pairs with one demonstrating his football skills while his partner vast knowledge for football.

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