Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Social Media monitoring app launched in Kenya

Will help firms and interested individuals track consumer sentiments made in online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
A mobile phone application developed to monitor social media campaigns for both clients and competitors while giving feedback on whether posts are positive or negative, has been unveiled in the Kenya market.
The app dubbed ‘PRPro’ was unveiled by American based advertising agency, TBWA, and Kenyan startup African Laughter. It is currently available on Facebook and Twitter and monitors social media platforms for posts after a user specifies a keyword or a set of keywords.
The developers have also said that it is not only limited to English keywords as some of Swahili ones can also be accepted.
“PRPro is a next level for our clients in building and managing their corporate reputations,” said Tim Symnth TBWA East Africa.
African Laughter who developed the app at a cost of Sh10 million, have promised that future versions of the app will be able to monitor other social media platforms including Google+, blogs, Pinterest, and Foursquare
TBWA East Africa boasts of high profile clients in Kenya that include Kenya Airways, Standard Bank, VISA, Aquafresh, Heritage Insurance, and Pepsi.
The app runs on Andriod, Blackberry and iOS.

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Image Credit: wordstream.com  


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  2. the app is a tick. does ipsos synovate have such an app?


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