Friday, October 5, 2012

MauMau Veterans to sue British Government

A historic judgment made in a British High Court on Friday has given three elderly Kenyans the right to sue the British Government for torture and sexual abuse during the Mau Mau Uprising.
The three Senior Kenyan citizens who include Jane Muthoni Mara, Paulo Muoka Nzili and Wambugu Wa Nyingi were allegedly subjected to torture and sexual abuse to the extent of castration in Nzili’s case.
High Court Judge Richard McCombe rejected the British’s Government argument that too much time had elapsed for a fair hearing to take place and ordered for a full trial.
The fourth Kenyan, Ndiku Mutwiwa Mutua who was part of three seeking justice died while waiting for the case to reach trail.
The trio’s prayers have been answered and can now sue the British Government for compensation.
Back in the country, it was all celebration and dance with over 100 Mau Mau Veterans gathered at the Kenya Human Rights Commission Offices in Nairobi.

Nobel Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu who recently received the Mo Ibrahim Award said that the British government should take responsibility and show compassion towards the senior victims. 

The British government, which is bracing itself for other numerous legal claims from Kenyans who were allegedly illegally imprisoned and abused during the colonial era, has said it will appeal the High Court ruling.  

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