Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nairobi Rock Fest 2012 Slated For 8th Dec

This years Nairobi Rock Fest will take place on Saturday, 8th December 2012 at Club Ichonic along Ngong Road.

For the first time ever an international act will feature, Skinflint Band from Botswana (headliners) and organizers of the event have promised to have a festival similar to US 'Ozzfest'.

Here is the Press Release

International Rock band SKINFLINT from Botswana headlines Nairobi Rock Fest 2012 at club Ichonic (formerly Club Barn) on Ngong Race on Saturday December 8th, 2012. SKINFLINT band, made up of Giuseppe “Juice” Sbrana (guitar/vocals), Kebonye Nkoloso (bass), and Alexandra Sbrana (drums), has in the past-represented Botswana in international festivals especially in South Africa and Europe.

Their latest album,Gauna was recorded in France and the band is currently preparing to tour Europe and USA in 2013. Skinflint has over the years proved to be one of the finest rock bands in Botswana and Southern African region. Their lyrical mastery and consciousness are evident in most of the songs produced in their past albums such as Inside Scar, Massive Destruction, Iklwa, and lately with their fourth album, Gauna.

CNN flew in Botswana in May 2012 and recorded Skinflint live performances and as soon as they were, done videos were already playing on the CNN channel. The video attracted about 15 million hits from the CNN website.

Skinflint has been touring since 2007 and has shared the stage with rock giants Metallica, Carcass, AOA, Strident, Nosey Road, Metal Orizon, Wrust, Mind Assault, Warthane and many more. Skinflint has toured widely in Southern Africa and Europe. The three-piece rock band has sold in excess of 100,000 albums last year.

This is the first ever rock festival in Kenya to feature International act. Kenya alternative pop and rock bands including Parking Lot Grass, Last Year’s Tragedy, Rock of Ages, Mortal Soul, and Absence of Light will support SKINFLINT concert in Nairobi. The rock deejays are drawn from both South Africa and Kenya. Kenyan Deejays include Dj Jack, Gordo, Shady, and Knord.

Nairobi Rock Fest 2012 is themed to be the first authentic rock festival that will involve securing most modern stage, sound and lighting. It will be modeled and run based on the experiences drawn from South Africa Ramfest and US rock fest “Ozzfest”, Wacken rock fest, and Australian “Big Day Out”.

The concert is promoted by The Rumble and early bird tickets sold via ticketsasa website.

Charges: Sh800 (Advance) and Sh1000 (Gate)

Get advance tickets at

Check out Skinflint Promo

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