Sunday, May 26, 2013

Huddah Monroe & Annabel Represent Kenya at Big Brother Africa 8

In a star-studded ceremony on Sunday night in South Africa, 28 new housemates were revealed for season 8 of Big Brother Africa, dubbed "The Chase".

Kenya will be represented by 21-year-old model and Socialite Huddah Monroe and compatriot Annabel Mbaru, a 24-year-old fashion designer.

The two will join the other 26 contestants garnering for USD 300,000 prize money.

Here is Huddah's bio courtesy of

Huddah is a model with a Diploma in Programming. She loves Chinese food, ugali and fish.

Huddah’s favourite place in Kenya is Mombasa, and she says the best thing about Africa is the diversified cultures and natural resources. Her favourite place outside Kenya is Miami, because it’s a beautiful place and she loves tropical weather.

Her role model is Marilyn Monroe, because “she was intelligent, a go-getter, a sexy woman with a charming smile and also very popular”. Huddah entered Big Brother because she believes it’s a once in a lifetime experience and she felt she really needed to be part of it. “Plus it has brought a lot of opportunities in life for a lot of people,” she says.

She says having Africa’s eyes on her 24/7 will make her feel like a star, because she loves the attention. She says that if she wins the USD 300 000, she’ll double the money, expand her brand and build a business empire. 

Annabel's bio
Student and fashion designer Annabel says she doesn’t have any children – but considers her pets to be her babies. She enjoys reading philosophical literature. Her favourite foods include Ethiopian, Nigerian, Oriental and Italian and she lists her favourite TV show as Big Brother.

Annabel’s favourite place in Kenya is Mombasa, because she loves the water and says it’s the only place she finds peace and tranquillity. Outside of Kenya, she loves Greece or Rome because of the way they have preserved the artefacts and culture through the generations. “I love art and I’d kill to live there!” she says.

Annabel says she loves attention and is looking forward to having Africa’s eyes on her 24/7. “It makes me feel like the princess I’ve always been,” she says. Her family is happy she’s going to be on the show and she says they can’t wait to tell everyone they’re related to her. 

Other housemates include:
Nando, 22 - Tanzania
Feza, 25 - Tanzania 
LK4, 28 - Uganda 
Denzel, 29 - Uganda
Bimp, 23 - South Africa
Angelo, 36 - South Africa
Kokesto, 26 - South Africa 
Beverly, 21 - Nigeria 
Melvin, 27 - Nigeria
Betty, 26 - Ethiopia
Neyll, 32 - Angola
Biguesas, 29 - Angola 
Sulu, 31 - Zambia
Cleo, 23 - Zambia 
Motamma - Botswana
ONeal, 33 - Botswana 
Pokello, 27 - Zimbabwe
Selly, 25 - Ghana
Elikem, 24 - Ghana 
Bassey, 22 - Sierra Leone
Bolt, 27 - Sierra Leone 
Fatima, 30 - Malawi
Natasha, 26 - Malawi 
Dellish, 22 - Namibia
Maria, 24 - Namibia

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  1. Huddah was hounded out. Good for Kenya


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