Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Help the Kenyan Tea Farmer through

Kenya is proudly the largest exporter of black tea, however, nearly 500,000 small scale tea farmers are trapped in a cycle of debt and poverty.

These farmers are forced to sell their raw tea leaves for low prices to central processing factories. The tea then goes through many hands until it ends in your cups. Of the price the consumer pay, only 1 percent of that money goes back to the farmer.

That is why the JusTea team wants to bring social justice to tea farmers in the country with an Indiegogo campaign. The team plans to teach the Kenyan farmers to hand process premium quality tea. In addition create a partnership with them in order to sell their tea directly. This eliminates the factory processing and the wholesale middlemen, and therefore gives the farmers a fair profit.

For more details on the campaign visit

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