Sunday, June 9, 2013

OLX Social Media Awards are Now Open

The inaugural OLX Social Media Awards (SOMA) are now open to users of Facebook, Twitter and bloggers. You can nominate someone or yourself in the categories below before June 30th.

The awards are expected to be held on August 9th with winners promised to bag cash, hi-tech electronics and other fabulous prizes.

Online classified, OLX has promised to award Ksh100,000 to the Most influential Facebook personality.

Here are the categories;

 1.   Social Media News channel of the year
  •     Television show/programme
  •     Radio show
  •     Print magazines
  •     Digital channels
  2.  Social Media Personality of the year
  •     Media personality of the year
  •     Artist of the year
  •     Most influential Facebook personality
  •     CEO of the year
  •     Tweep of the year
  •     Most influential Blogger of the year
  •     Overall Social Media personality of the year
3. Social Media corporate award of the year
  •     Facebook Campaign of the Year
  •     Twitter Campaign of Year
  •     Excellent customer service- twitter
  •     Excellent Customer service – Facebook
  •     Facebook fan page of the year
  •     Corporate twitter account of the year
  •     Video campaign of the year
  •     Overall corporate award of the year
4. Social media agency of the year.

5. Social media innovation of the year

6. Best Use of Social Media
  •     Government Agencies
  •     Advocacy
  •     Events
  •     Corporate Responsibility
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  1. Thanks for giving this information....these all are important for Social Media Campaigns which is coming up...


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