Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kisumu Impala Eco Lodge opens

The Kisumu Impala Eco Lodge was officially opened on Friday in the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary. The Eco-Tourism initiative which is a vision 2030 flagship project, seeks to cater for the Western Kenya Tourism Circuit. Plans are also underway to construct a conference centre in the sanctuary.

The 24-bed capacity eco-lodge is owned and managed by the Monarch Group and is located in the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary run by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The sanctuary is home to the rare sitatunga antelope found in the shores of Lake Victoria.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is situated in Kisumu City along the eastern shores of Lake Victoria (on the way to Hippo Point). The sanctuary is only 10 kilometres from the newly constructed Kisumu International Airport.

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  1. Kisumu Impala Eco Lodgee is is amazing. Will come visit you some day.


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