Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Emirates’ free visa offer to Kenyans travelling to Dubai

Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, is organizing a 30-day free Visa for passengers in all classes or any fares, for tickets booked between August 13 and 20 and for travel anytime between September 5 and October 4th 2012, from Nairobi to Dubai and back.
The Dubai-based airline is extending the visa incentive to its customers in the region, as the costs of visas can be a determining factor in whether people can afford to travel or not. Other countries that are likely to benefit from the promotion include Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda.
Emirates recently announced its plan to introduce a new service to Thailand’s largest island, Phuket. The airline will link Phuket Island, through its Dubai hub, beginning December 10, 2012.  
The daily service is targeted at Kenyan holidaymakers and traders who frequent Thailand’s most popular destination, Bangkok.
Emirates flies to 125 destinations in 74 countries and remains one of the most respected airlines with over 500 international awards for excellence, to match the reputation.
The offer is not applicable to transit passengers.

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