Sunday, November 18, 2012

‘Flash’ Tundo Wins Guru Nanak Rally 2012

Tundo and sister Tash lift the Guru Nanak Rally Title
Image Courtesy of @KCBGroup

Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo driving his Mitsubishi Evo9 won the 33rd edition of the Guru Nanak Rally to make it 6 wins in the 2012 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) series.

Navigated by his sister Natasha ‘Tash’ Di Cangio, he posted a course time of 1.38.10 to win his third Guru Nanak Rally after that in 2009 and 2010. Natasha made history by becoming the first woman in close to 30 years to win a round of the KNRC series.

The National Rally Champion was looking to end the eight-leg series in a high note, and he made his point finishing ahead of Baldev Singh Chager in the toughest Guru Nanak Rally in history. The rally had only 34 out of 79 starters finishing.  

Azar Anwar with co-driver Pastor Julius Ngige finished third in the rally and third overall in the national championship. 

Rally Legend Ian Duncan who has won the rally a record 11 times pulled out after his Nissan Pick Up developed a clutch problem.

Here are the top 5 results of the Guru Nanak Rally

1.       Carl Tundo (Evo 9) 1.38.10
2.       Baldev Chager (Subaru N16) 1.40.46
3.       Azar Anwar (Evo 8)  1.43.23
4.       Jas Mangat (Subaru N12) 1.43.50
5.       Onkar Rai (Subaru N16)  1.46.44

Overall KNRC Standing

1.       Carl Tundo  525
2.       Ian Duncan  340
3.       Azar Anwar 265
4.       Baldev Chager 260
5.       Alistair Cavenagh  250

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