Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr. Mohamud Said Wins 2013 Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award

Dr. Mohamud Sheikh Nurein Said is the 2013 Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award winner for his significant contribution to peace in Kenya.

After being notified through skype for winning the prestigious prize he had this to say, "My first encounter with a Peace Corps Volunteer was in 1965 when I joined Marsabit Secondary School, Kenya. As a young boy, I wondered why these white people  came to the remotest area in Kenya to assist us.  Since then, I have been motivated by their spirit of volunteerism, and I never looked back. Throughout my life, from the University to my career as a doctor, I have always been involved in voluntary work and have always tried to serve those who had fewer opportunities than I have had."

About Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award

The annual Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award honors an outstanding global leader who grew up in a country where Peace Corps Volunteers served, whose life was influenced by the Peace Corps, and whose career contributed significantly to their nation and the world in ways that reflect shared values in human dignity and economic, social, and political development.  It is the highest honor bestowed upon a global leader by the National Peace Corps Association.

Adapted from www.peacecorpsconnect.org

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