Monday, March 12, 2012

Kenyan inventor Erik Kariuki

Erik Kariuki

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Erik Kariuki, a father-of –three has joined the list of Kenyan inventors. Karuiki who is based in Bedfordshire, UK combined a hamster cage with a fish tank and now pet companies are making calls to cash in. He came up with this idea when he visited a restaurant, built under water in Dubai. The cage/tank, as he likes to refer to it, literally is designed in a way that a pet can have a wet-free aquatic view of the fish. Kariuki turned down a $1.2 million(Sh98millon) from a US company and is vindicated that his idea would yield more. Hope to see one in a shop nearby.

Other Inventions by Kenyans include:
Crime-Deterring Alarm, which is an alarm that fits onto the back of a TV set or an appliance at home. It is then set off with detection of movement and can sound for up to 8 hours.
Solar-Powered Refrigerator, a portable refrigerator is expected to be used in rural homes without electricity.
Charcoal Stove ‘Solar Jiko’, invention credited to George Kabiru is used to making cooking easier for homes without electricity by harnessing solar power.
These are just a handful of inventions from Kenya.

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