Friday, May 25, 2012

Kenyan Model to be honoured in Las Vegas

Grace Haukwa will be honoured with a ‘Guardian Award’ for International Community Support along with boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather Jr this weekend. The award is given by Desert Hollywood Group based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Grace a model and entrepreneur, is the CEO and founder of Nabtry International Cultural Dancers. She is also the face of FOADAC (Foundation for Orphaned, Abandoned and Disabled African Children).

[Back in Kenya] Kenya’s RnB music group, Camp Mulla has become the first Kenyan act to be nominated for a BET award. The group which is only three years old, was nominated in the Best International Act category.

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  1. This comment is not meant to offend anyone here, but it is a true statement whether it's favorable to the majority or not. Grace Hauwka is a crook, and should be exposed. Her and her artist Awilo Longomba have been stealing money from fans who pay good money for performances (in addition, to exploiting workers, and laundering). Is this the idea of entrepreneur, or humanist/activist? Why is this relevant to this article? Someone with bad work ethics, someone who owes people who have worked with her money, and someone who NEVER gives back to the culture which she exploits (Congolese) should not be the face of FOADAC. It is a true embarrassment; and one should question the organizations/ people who collaborate with her.


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