Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kenyan made Mobius meant for Africa

A robust car which can cope with rutted roads and does not cost a fortune, is the brief description given by Mobius Motors CEO Joel Jackson, who developed the Mobius in Kenya.
With the help of innovative lead welder Said Tsuma and lead mechanic Kazungu Mwaringa, the Mobius One was conceived at a cost of $14,000 within a ten-month period. The success was enough to persuade Jackson to quit his day job and concentrate in his newly formed company, Mobius Motors.
After Mobius One came Mobius Two that has so far received over 20 pre-orders with another 100 in the pipeline.
The SUV which is made from locally sourced parts has a tubular frame with a built in rollover bar to increase safety while its front wheels are powered by a one-litre Toyota engine.
It is designed to be able to haul heavy loads and transport up to 8 people while navigating with ease in the continent’s difficult terrain.
Check out the Mobius Two Promo below

The former computer engineer hopes production will commence this year and hit the Kenyan market at a low price of $6,000 (Sh502,800).
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