Thursday, May 16, 2013

University of Nairobi's Team ABE Needs Your Vote

Four University of Nairobi engineering students are finalists in the biennial global Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition.

The students who are in their fourth year teamed up a couple of months ago to form A.B.E an acronym for Aero Bamboo Engineering.

The group of Marian Muthui, Alex Njira, Karl Heinz and Tony Kadiegu Mugita pitched their idea of using bamboo to make the interior cabin and flooring of aircraft as an alternative to conventional material.

The bamboo is styled into bamboo Honeycomb lattice which is lighter and stronger compared to wood. The innovation also comes with embedded thermal acoustic foam as a replacement for non-recyclable composite materials used in the manufacture of aircraft cabin items.

After 618 teams from 82 countries entered 5 finalists remain and have already received 60,000 Euros. The winner will get an additional 30,000 Euros while the runners-up will pocket 15,000 Euros. The awards ceremony will take place in Paris, on 13 June 2013, at the UNESCO headquarters.

Vote for this Kenyan team now 

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  1. It is amazing what minds can do when brought together,the four have made us proud and i recommend further books on engineering creativity at .


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