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50 outstanding Pre & Post Independence and Second Liberation Heroes

Tomorrow Kenya marks the 49th Madaraka Day; this is after the British colonialist handed over the nation to its inhabitants on 1st June 1963. Many Kenyans who had nationalistic ambitions and protested the rule were violently suppressed. The struggle of this Kenyans and the later generation of second liberation crusaders have made me embark on writing a list of 50 Kenyans who make tomorrow a day to celebrate.

Here is the list of 50 remarkable Pre & Post Independence and Second Liberation Kenyans
1.       Mzee Jomo Kenyatta (1894 – August 22,1978)
The founding father and first President of the nation
2.       Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (1911 – January 20, 1994)
The first Vice-President and a leader of opposition movement in the nation
3.       Dedan Kimathi (October 31, 1920 – February 18, 157)
Leader of the Mau Mau movement
4.       Harry Thuku (1895 – 1970)
Pioneer of African nationalism
5.       Daniel Toritich Arap Moi
Second President of the nation
6.        Thomas Joseph Mboya ( August 15, 1930 – July 5, 1969)
Statesman whose assassination robbed the nation a nationalist
7.       Henry Masinde Muliro (1922 – August 14, 1992)
A great politician of the multiparty era
8.       Paul Joseph Ngei (October 18, 1923 – August 15, 2004)
A politician and one of the Kapenguria six
9.       Ronald  Gideon Ngala (1923 - 1972)
The founder of KADDU and a politician who led the coastal politics
10.   Achieng Oneko (1920 – June 9, 2007)
A politician, freedom fighter and among the Kapenguria six
11.   Bildad Kaggia (1922 – March 7,2005)
One of the Kapenguria six, nationalist and politician
12.   Eliud Mathu
First  black African member of the LEGCO
13.   Waiyaki Wa Hinga
A resolute leader who resisted the British colonial rule
14.   Mbiyu Koinange
A politician during post-independence Kenya
15.   Kung’u Karumba
Kapenguria six and freedom fighter
16.   Josiah Mwangi (J.M) Kariuki  
A great politician whose future was cut short by an assassination
17.   Fred Kubai
Kapenguria six and freedom fighter
18.   Pio Gama Pinto (March 31, 1927 – February 25, 1965)
Kenyan Journalist and politician who was a victim of assassination
19.   Muthoni Nyanjiru
A woman Field Marshall in the Mau Mau movement
20.   Kimnyole Arap Samoei
Nandi Leader who led his people to fight the European invasion
21.   Mekatilili wa Menza
A woman leader who led the Giriama people to revolt against the British colonialist
22.   Argwings Kodhek
A leading lawyer and politician
23.   Grace Onyango
First Kenyan woman Mayor and MP
24.   Waruhiu Itote (General China)
A leader in the Mau Mau movement
25.   Laibon Lenana
A Maasai ruler who resisted the British colonialism
26.   Makhan Singh
A freedom fighter and trade unionist
27.   Kenneth Njindo Matiba
A leading politician in the multiparty democracy
28.   Martin Shikuku
Former Butere Member of Parliament and a vocal politician in the second liberation
29.   Mwai Kibaki
The third and incumbent President and part of the multiparty campaigners
30.   Raila Odinga
The incumbent Prime Minister and a multiparty crusader
31.   Charles Rubia
First African mayor and part of the second liberation
32.   George Moseti Anyona (1945 - 2003)
A great politician of the multiparty era
33.   Wangari Maathai  (April 1940 – September 25, 2011)
An environmentalist and politician
34.   Michael KijanaWamalwa (November 25, 1944 – August 23, 2003)
A politician and a Young Turk
35.   Rev. Timothy Njoya
A human rights activist who stood with the second liberation fighters
36.   Paul Muite
A politician and a Young Turk
37.   Charity Ngilu
A politician and was the first woman to run for presidency
38.   Koigi Wamwere
A politician, human rights activist and part of the second liberation heroes
39.   Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’ Nzeki
The retired Archbishop was a crusader of democracy and openly condemned the ethnic clashes in the Rift Valley
40.   Kivutha Kibwana
Politician and multiparty crusader
41.   Martha Karua
A brave politician and second liberation heroine
42.   James Orengo
A politician and one of the Young Turks
43.   Bishop David Gitari
The third African Archbishop and a multiparty crusader
44.   Kiraitu Murungi
A politician and a Young Turk
45.   Gitobu Imanyara
A politician and a Young Turk
46.   Dr. Willy Mutunga
The current Chief Justice was a political and a human rights activist
47.   Gibson Kamau Kuria
A great lawyer and played an important role in the second liberation
48.   Khaminwa John Mugalasinga
Another great senior counsel who also was pro-multiparty
A clergyman who used the pulpit to advocate for democracy
50.   Bishop Henry Okullu
Part of the multiparty democracy campaigner 

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  1. good work. The list is comprehensive but misses many trade unionists


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