Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free Reporting Webinars from Scripps

Scripps Howard Foundation will provide free online training sessions the first and third Wednesdays of the month, through its ‘How I Got That Story’ webinar series.
The free webinars will be beneficial to journalists worldwide who are interested in reporting on elections or disasters with the two topics being featured this September.  
The ‘How I Got That Story’ program focuses on award-winning journalism topics and the process used to get the story. An accomplished reporter or a team of reporters responsible for the work will present each webinar.
Interested persons can register for the following upcoming webinars:

Democracy 2012 – Wednesday, September 5th: Veteran reporters will offer tips for covering this year’s political campaigns.
Topics to be covered include:
J        How to organize your campaign coverage
J        How to integrate social media into campaign coverage
J        How to involve citizens
J        Timeframe to create the balanced segments

Disaster Coverage – Wednesday, September 19th: Will cover the role of the internet and social media in covering crisis stories, wall-to-wall coverage of a breaking news event, demands of networks and affiliates while covering a story and preparing for the next major story.
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