Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kenya selected to host World Badminton’s Pilot Program

Kenya has been selected among 4 other countries by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to host a pilot programme dubbed "Shuttle Time", Xinhua News Agency reported.
The programme aims to help teachers and coaches develop skills for the game, knowledge, and confidence to plan and deliver safe and fun badminton lessons to children and the youth.
Shuttle Time is an innovative self-study training programme, which helps teachers, and coaches learn how to teach badminton to children and youth through the usage of teachers' manuals, lesson plans, and instructional video tutorials.
Speaking in Nairobi on Monday during the launch BWF Development Manager, Ian Wright said the idea is about training teachers about being able to deliver on some courses and not to make them full time coaches.

Read the Original Story at Xinhua: Kenya selected by world badminton body to host pilot program 

In June 2011, Kenya played host to the International Badminton Championships in Nairobi in which over 20 countries participated.

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