Tuesday, October 9, 2012

East African Breweries Limited ranks as Best Company To Work For in 2012

A survey done by leading accounting firm Deloitte East Africa has ranked East African Breweries Limited (EABL) as the Best Company To Work For in 2012.
Dubbed 'Best Company To Work For in 2012', the survey placed EABL ahead of the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT).
The survey which was done amongst 16 companies involved a sample of employees in the companies speaking out if they enjoyed working in the firms or not, and why.
During the survey, it was noted that biggest reason for employee turnover in most companies is due to bad work relations and communication between the workers and their line managers.
Speaking in Nairobi, David Conradie, a director at Deloitte Consultancy South Africa said there is need for employers to focus more on personal welfare of their employees and improve their productivity and loyalty to the company.
To read the original article go to: EABL the best firm to work for– survey by Margaret Wahito

Adapted from Capitalfm.co.ke

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