Sunday, December 2, 2012

University of Nairobi Ranks 5th in Africa’s Top Universities

According to the latest ranking of African Universities by, the University of Nairobi is the 5th best University in Africa. Three Universities from Egypt took the top three positions with Makerere University and University of Dar Es Salaam coming in 4th and 6th position respectively.   

Below is the list of 10 Universities in Africa  
1. Cairo University – Egypt
2. American University in Cairo – Egypt
3. Mansoura University – Egypt
4. Makerere University – Uganda
5. University of Nairobi – Kenya
6. University of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
7. University of Botswana – Botswana
8. University of Ghana – Ghana
9. University of Lagos – Nigeria
10. Ashesi University – Ghana

Profile on UON –
Tracing its roots back to 1956, the University of Nairobi became an independent university in 1970. Today, the university is home to about 50,000 undergraduate students, and boasts an extensive range of research faculties, from biotechnology and bioinformatics to HIV prevention and research, from nuclear science and technology to tropical and infectious diseases.

Indicative of its prominence in the region, the University recently hosted H.E. Ambassador Amina 
Mohammed, the assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, in a discussion about sustainable development.

Notable alumni include Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai; urologist Harcharan Gill, who is a professor at Stanford University, and former supermodel and entrepreneur Iman.

The methodology used included the following: 1) undergraduate and graduate school reputation among higher education peers; 2) student selectivity for entering undergraduate class; 3) quality and quantity of faculty research, including depth of research facilities and engagement beyond immediate community, and 4) international student ratio—the degree to which institution draws students from outside of its national boundaries.

*South Africa was technically omitted.

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